Repair - Terms and Conditions

I authorize Laptop Service Center the repair of my device and the replacement of parts. I have made a backup my data. In the event of loss of Data, LSC is not responsible for Data loss arising due to repair. I have given my information to LSC for the repair of my device and it is my sole responsibility to change the information upon receipt of the device. The device is not authorized to be opened outside Restricted Service Repair area. Customer is not permitted to enter Restricted Service area.  If this form is filled prior to inspection, the amount will be only being treated as an approximate figure and prices may vary after inspection. Repairs made to device; caused due to liquid spill will incur different charges. I understand that part components will be changed during Part repair. I authorize the purchase of these components. Parts Include Logic Board, Screen, IC's, Circuitry Repair. These Charges may not exceed the price of the new part. During an entire Part replacement, a more accurate cost can be derived. Customer will be provided receipts for all part repairs and entire part replacements from LSC. Customer is not eligible to received LSC vendor receipts. This form is best filled by an LSC Technician to ensure accuracy of approximate Pricing. 
The customer authorizes LSC the repair of his device and the replacement of parts upon submission for repair.

LSC do not accept mobiles and laptops that have been given to other service centers and had failed repair. If customer has still sent their device for repair even though it was given to another service center prior and had failed repair. The repair work that was done previously is easily visible by our tech staff and diagnostic charges will apply and the device will be returned to you.

Customer is responsible for making a backup his data. In the event of loss of Data, LSC is not responsible for Data loss arising due to repair.

Customer Credentials and other details when given for the repair of his device and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to change the credentials upon receipt of the device.

Logic Board and motherboards damage due to surge are not covered under warranty. It is very important that customer uses proper surge protectors, moisture prevention technique and socket testers to prevent board failure from recurring

Part components will be repaired during Part repair. Parts Include Logic Board, Screen, IC's, Circuitry Repair.
This form is best filled by a LSC Technician to ensure accuracy of approximate Pricing.

Fixed diagnosis amount
Windows laptops & desktops without disassembly – 500 rs
Windows laptops & desktops with disassembly - 1000 rs
Mobiles, Tablets without disassembly – 500 rs
Mobiles, Tablets with disassembly - 1000 rs
Macbooks and iMacs 2012 and below – 5500 rs
Macbooks and iMacs 2013 and above – 7500 rs
Screen Diagnostics – 1000 rs
Laptop with Graphic card Diagnostics - 1500 rs
Data Recovery Diagnostics – 1000 rs
All in one pc Diagnostics - 1500 rs
Microsoft Surface Diagnostics - 5000 rs
Printer diagnostics - 1000

Warranty Periods
Keyboard Riveted – 1 month
Keyboard Non Riveted – 3 months
Hard disk – 1 year
Laptop battery and charger – 3 months
Repairs on Hand held devices don’t carry warranty
Hinge repairs do not carry warranty

Second hand Laptops:

I understand if I buy a second hand laptop if I choose the no warranty option then any addiditional repairs will be chargeable.
Second hand laptops with hard disk will take two to three minutes for intial response and a second hand laptop with SSD it will take twenty five to thirty seconds for intial response.
If the speakers are damaged LSC is offering external speakers and if the trackpad is not working LSC is offering an external mouse.
If the USB ports are damaged LSC will give an external USB hub.

*If customer has previously taken their device to another service center and has misinformed LSC that they have not, then customer is liable to pay full diagnostic fees of 3000 rs*

In case of customer failure to pay post one week from completion of repair and intimation to client, LSC has no choice but to sell the device as whole or parts to recover from the loss of cost of repair.

In case customer has not completed payment as per repair quote, or paid only partial amount of the total amount of the quote, no warranty will be provided with the repair.

In case the customer has not come to collect the device one week post diagnosis or repairs, the device will be marked as junk and sold as scrap.

Basic Data Recovery covers one day of service. anything past that time will be considered as advanced data recovery.

If the drive is Bitlocker encrypted, APFS encrypted, SSD, or not detectable then it comes under advanced data recovery.

In regards to board repair, only the modules required to turn on the board will be repaired. For Other parts on the board such as WIFI modules, Ram chips, SSDs, USB ports, Speakers, Camera, Screen, etc will be charged separately if damaged.

While repairing laptop hinges and body, screen can get damaged in the process.

All goods and services rendered to customer by LSC are non refundable.

Customers agrees not to raise a dispute against LSC in regards to transactions done by Credit card charge back, bank charge back, court, police, politics and other methods.

LSC Repair Terms and conditions are constantly being reviewed and modified to protect the rights and integrity of both LSC and customer.

LSC stands for Laptop Service Center


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