data recovery malad


Is your windows not booting up? Is your laptop showing no bootable device found?

You are welcome to visit us. Here at laptop service center we do data recovery at a professional level.To avoid data loss, it is very important to do data backup every day. In case of a data recovery the below steps will need to be performed. In this case we do a complete disassembly of your laptop. We will have to disconnect the motherboard, battery, laptop upper body, laptop lower body, keyboard, and then we start the data recovery process. There is a different recovery process depending on the type of disk. Once we have finished the recovery process, we check the health of your hard disk with a diagnostic tool. Your hard disk health should be 100%. If it drops by 1% this means that your hard disk is at failing state and windows will not be able to boot from it. You will need to change your disk in order to load windows.