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Laptop Screen Replacement

What causes screen damage?
  1. Tight Hinges: If your lower laptop base lifts when you lift the screen, it means your laptop hinge is jammed and needs servicing, else the screen may break.

  2. Opening the laptop from the corners: This will lead to pressure only on one hinge causing the hinge to snap and break.

  3. Leaving an object on the keyboard and closing the screen.

  4. Drop damage. This may happen when you use one hand to carry a laptop. It is always recommended to use to hands to hold a laptop.

  5. Using a laptop on the bed, sofa or while travelling in a vehicle. A laptop always need to be kept on a flat surface and not used in a vehicle or while in motion.

  6. Not using a surge protector can damage the inverter board on the Laptop screen, making it go dead or permanently damaging it by sending vertical lines accross it.

  7. Environment moisture can also damage the screen board.

A laptop screen would need to be replaced if:

  1. It has a veritical or horizontal line accross

  2. There is a black screen blotch on the screen

  3. The screen is flickering without moving the hinge.

When we replace a broken latop screen we need to check a few things

  1. Laptop Screen Size

  2. Laptop Screen thickness

  3. Lcd or LED panel

  4. Laptop screen socket location

  5. Laptop Screen display socket size

  6. Laptop Screen match

At Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we use state of the art screen replacement tools to ensure your screen is replaced properly. To prevent recurrence we recommend to check wall power sockets for correct polarity. We do not recommend to use power direclty from wall sockets nor through spike guards but soley through surge protectors. To keep moisture at bay, it is advisable to store your laptop when not in use (night) in your laptop bag along with a moisture prevention kit to get 70% moisture protection or in an airtight plastic storage container with a moisture prevention kit to get 99% moisture protection.