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Laptop Not Charging

Is your laptop not turning on? It is a common misunderstanding that a laptop does not turn on because the battery is not charging. While this may be true for mobiles, this is not the case with laptops. All laptops can work normally without the battery while on direct power supply from the laptop charger. When a laptop does not turn on, the motherboard may have died. In this case we do a complete disassembly of your laptop. Your motherboard is then placed under a scope. We check your board for faulty ICs using a schematic chart and schematic diagram. We check for voltage connectivity and link of the ICs.

There are four main reasons why your laptop won’t turn on.

  1. Motherboard Surge damage

  2. Motherboard liquid damage by shorting

  3. Motherboard liquid damage by rusting

  4. Impact damage

  5. Overheating causes break in solder connection.

We replace the damaged ICs, remove the shorting and rusting from the board by applying flux and heat. We also fix broken solder connection. We use new ICs and we give a month’s warranty on laptop board repairs. At Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we use state of the art board repair tools to ensure your board is repaired permanently. To prevent recurrence we recommend to check wall power sockets for correct polarity. We do not recommend to use power direclty from wall sockets nor through spike guards but soley through surge protectors. To keep moisture at bay, it is advisable to store your laptop when not in use (night) in your laptop bag along with a moisture prevention kit to get 60% moisture protection or in an airtight plastic storage container with a moisture prevention kit to get 80% moisture protection. Here at Laptop Service Center Malad, we fix laptop not charging by checking laptop battery, laptop charger, laptop 

Laptop Not Charging Mumbai

Laptop Not Charging Mumbai

Faulty power sockets are the main reason for damaging the laptop motherboards. Power socket should be tested for earthing, neutral fault, reverse polarity and loose connection. 

Laptop Not Charging

Plugged In Not Charging

Is your laptop not charging? There are four main reasons why your laptop battery is not charging. The charger may be fault, battery may be dead, Logic board may be faulty and charging IC may be faulty.

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Liquid Damage

In case water has fallen on your laptop please follow the steps below are disconnect all power sources immediately, unplug the adaptor from the power socket and unplug the charging connector from the laptop.


This indicates the CPU power panel is not working and needs to be replaced. This can get damaged by Electrical Surge when connecting directly to power socket. Power socket can also be faulty. Please use a surge protector and get the socket tested to prevent recurrence.This is best done by an experienced and trained professional.