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Laptop Overheating

The thermal paste is responsible for transfering the heat from the processor to the heatsink. The heatsink is a copper rod that has a refrigeration gas inside just like the one inside an air conditioner, the heat transferred through the heatsink is then blown out by the fan.

After some time the thermal paste dries up and is not able to transfer heat from the processor so the processor starts heating up in turn heating the motherboard which could make the board go dead.

Here at laptop service center, we recommend customers to get there laptops thermal paste replaced once a year and if it's a gaming laptop then the servicing should be done every six months for the proper functioning of the laptop .

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Laptop dust removal

Dust blocks air vents, thus overheating and slowness. Overheating can result in motherboard damage. When temperatures inside the computer rise above 35º C (95º F), the risk of damage to important internal components increases. You can help prevent overheating by making sure there is adequate ventilation around the computer, the fan vents are cleaned regularly, and the BIOS is up-to-date. Here at Laptop Service Center Malad, we do dust removal.

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Laptop Thermal paste

Is your System overheating or shutting down? Thermal paste lasts one year, renew thermal paste to improve cooling and to prevent damage to the motherboard and laptop in whole. Here at Laptop Service Center Malad, we do thermal repairing for your laptop.