laptop ssd malad


A faulty SSD can cause a system to malfunction, throw up a blue screen of death or restart repeatedly. SSD cannot be repaired; it needs to be replaced.

What causes a SSD to get faulty?
Laptop SSD can get damaged due to

Power surge
End of read write life
Keeping laptop on sleep or hibernate mode.
Leaving laptop on and carrying in the laptop bag.
Using laptop on bed.

 In case of a SSD replacement the below steps will need to be performed

  1. We will do a complete disassembly of your laptop.

  2. We will have to disconnect the motherboard, battery, laptop upper body, laptop lower body, keyboard, and then we will work on the SSD

  3. There are different speeds and sizes of SSDs to choose from.

On old laptops SSDs is replaceable. On new laptops the SSD is soldered on the motherboard and is non-replaceable.

 At Laptop service centre Malad Mumbai, we use good quality and brands of laptop SSDs to ensure your Laptop runs fast. To prevent recurrence of Laptop SSD failure, we recommend to check wall power sockets for correct polarity. It is always best practice to shut down your laptop when not in use. We do not recommend to use power directly from wall sockets nor through spike guards but solely through surge protectors. To keep moisture at bay, it is advisable to store your laptop when not in use (night) in your laptop bag along with a moisture prevention kit to get 70% moisture protection or in an airtight plastic storage container with a moisture prevention kit to get 99% moisture protection.