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If you are using a windows based device, yes you need an annual based licensed antivirus. If you are using an Apple device you do not need Antivirus software. An Antivirus solution is best installed right after your computer has been formatted. It acts as a security guard. It takes a snapshot of the files that are already inside your system and then it keeps a look out for strange behavior caused during installations and captures the process and infecting file source and quarantines it, where it can do no more harm.

So ideally when your computer gets infected, if you install an antivirus solution after that, it will not make much difference. It needs to be formatted first.As soon as a computer is formatted, Antivirus needs to be installed right away, failure to do so will leave the device open to threats and viral infection. If you have decided to backup content prior to formatting, all backups and USB drives need to be scanned for viruses and threats so as not to reinfect the system by copying the data content once more. Antivirus software should not consume excessive memory. Antivirus should not be intrusive.

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  1. CC Cleaner : CC Cleaner is been hacked to contain malware and sends your information outside. 

  2. Opera Browser Virus : Opera Browser is considered PUA - Potentially Unwanted Application. It promotes unwanted applications.

  3. Segurazo : Segurazo  is considered PUP - Potentially Unwanted Progrm. It promotes unwanted applications.

  4. McAfee : McAfee is an antivirus scanner but, along with the security it provides, Several threats easily pass through it also slows down your computer.

  5. Chrome Extensions : They can be quite dangerours since they can access your passwords and leak information online. They are a privacy threat.

  6. Chromium : The Chromium virus is a malicious web browser that is created using the Chromium code. It is able to overwrite the Chrome browser and replace the original shortcuts with fake ones.

  7. Net Protector : Net Protector does not defend from anti spyware attacks. It consumes your data and makes the laptop slow. 

  8. 360 Total Security : 360 Total Security is a dangerous malware designed to destablize the operating system.

  9. Avast : In the news AVAST is indeed malware. Probably the worst anti-virus scandal in the history.

  10. Quick Heal : Several viruses and malware easily pass through this software. It doesn't deliver as promised.

  11. Bit Defender: The antivirus does not protect device properly. Several threats easily pass through. Eventually slows downs your device.

  12. AVG: Stay away from AVG!! It hijacks your computer and uninstalling is a nightmare. Almost impossible short of having to reformat your computer.

  13. Ransomeware : Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users' access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

  14. Web Companion: Adaware Web Companion is classified as either bloatware/spyware or as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It claims to add security and privacy features to your web browser, but it will in fact silently steal your information and share it with undisclosed third parties.

  15. Eset-Nod and Eset-Security:  It is an antivirus scanner but, along with the security it provides. Several threats easily pass through. It also slows down your computer.

  16. eScan: Several threats easily pass through. It also slows down your computer.

  17. Windows Defender: It is not a good antivirus. It is just a free add on feature which comes with windows. It is unable to defend against threats. That is why corporates do not use it.