The main reason for keyboard failure is moisture damage through environmental humidity or air condition moisture.

We can either repair your keyboard or replace your laptop keyboard.In case of laptop repair, we will first have to perform diagnosis on your laptop keyboard. For replacement of your laptop keyboard we have to check whether your laptop keyboard is a legacy keyboard or a riveted keyboard.Legacy keyboards take 30 minutes for replacement.

In case of a riveted keyboard the below steps will need to be performed

  1. In this case we do a complete disassembly of your laptop.
  2. We will have to disconnect the motherboard, battery, heatsink, ram, processor and then we will work on the keyboard.
  3. There are hundred rivets; fifty on the metal plate and fifty on the keyboard.
  4. Rivets will have to be desoldered in the removal process and resoldered  in the installation of the new keyboard. This process takes 8 hours.

To prevent recurrence, we recommend to check wall power sockets for correct polarity. We do not recommend to use power directly from wall sockets nor through spike guards but solely through surge protectors. To keep moisture at bay, it is advisable to store your laptop when not in use (night) in your laptop bag along with a moisture prevention kit to get 70% moisture protection or in an airtight plastic storage container with a moisture prevention kit to get 99% moisture protection.

Laptop KEYBOARD Malad